Watch this Fox Nation clip of Jane Hampton Cook and Brian Kilmeade at the prison that turned the tide in women winning the right to vote. See the full documentary at Fox Nation, What Made American Great, The Women's Vote, Season 5 Episode 2.
Protest Strategy Rain or Shine
Prison  19th Amendment Today


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This American President podcast

Jane Hampton Cook: When the 19th Amendment passed 100 years ago the resilience of America's women was key.

Did Jill Biden's DNC debut resonate? 

Abby Hornacek, Getting Schooled Podcast

Which lady did Harry Burn Remember?

The Tennessee hero behind the 

headlines of the 19th amendment  


Journal of the American Revolution

100 years since women won the right to vote

Meet 'Wonder Woman 1776'

How Newspapers First Depicted America, the Goddess called Columbia

Resilience is on Parade this Flag Day

How the Revolutionary War Taught Many to Oppose Slavery

Resilience on Parade: Short Stories from Suffragists and Women’s Battle for the Vote reveals how eight Americans bounced back from numerous setbacks in women’s long battle for the right to vote. Discover how they overcame economic losses, health challenges, family disappointments, war, workplace inequalities.

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My mother, Judy Travis, pictured on the left at the age of 5 with my grandmother, Kathryn Travis, was a March of Dimes poster child for Little Rock, Arkansas. Americans pooled their change through the March of Dimes, which funded the research that led to polio vaccines.

My pandemic/epidemic articles, putting news into historical context.
Newspapers Celebrate the Polio Vaccine 04-12-1955
--The COVID-19 Pandemic Response vs Polio Epidemic
--Comparing a Possible COVID-19 Vaccine to the Vanquished Polio Vaccine
--How Politics Infected Nation's First Epidemic

Latest national TV news appearances
Presidents Day 2020 on Fox & Friends FirsJt

How New Hampshire Can Shake the Race 2020 Blogs
Comparing the COVID-19 Pandemic to the Polio Epidemic
How Newspapers Celebrated the Polio Vaccine 65 years ago 
How Alexander Hamilton Leveraged Newspapers to Combat Yellow Fever
--Black History Month:Sojourner Truth
How Suffragists Used Valentine’s Day
First Women’s Rights Conference Seneca Falls

Articles on and other outlets
--Comparing a Possible COVID-19 Vaccine to the Vanquished Polio Vaccine
Why We Should Remember Abigail Adams this Month
--How Politics Infected America’s First Epidemic
--Bipartisan Presidents Day 2020: Why Fangirls Loved Washington and Lincoln
--New Year’s 2020: How Logic Won Women’s Right to Vote in 1920  
--Thanksgiving 2019: Let’s Put Our Differences Aside

--What You Think You Know about America’s First Thanksgiving is Probably Wrong

--Why Alexander Hamilton Would Approve of the President’s July 4 Speech
--Burning of Notre Dame—How Would We React if U.S. Landmark Burned. It happened in 1814.

Jane Hampton Cook's SAVING WASHINGTON placed 3rd  out of 1,000 entries in ScreenCraft's Drama Screenplay Contest. Thank you ScreenCraft!

CNBC--Dec. 5, 2018. Former White House aide reflects on George H.W. Bush's life

Fox News Channel"He was a citizen who left his nation better than he found it." How George HW Bush was similar to George Washington

SAVING WASHINGTON made the Semifinals in ScreenCraft's Family Friendly Screenplay Contest 

SAVING WASHINGTON, a feature screenplay adaptation, is a family friendly biopic and historical drama that is based on a true story and Jane's book The Burning of the White House: James and Dolley Madison and the War of 1812. It's JACKIE meets The PATRIOT.

Jane's article on The Hill where she's a contributor:
Billy Graham's influence on George W. Bush, Bill Clinton (and a private moment after the 9/11 ceremony at the National Cathedral)

Jane's Billy Graham Interview on Fox News

5 Reasons to Stand for the Flag

The Inauguration is Why I Love America

Fox News and America's Newsroom

Fox & Friends 
As seen on Fox & Friends

Michelle Obama's Farewell on SKY News

CBN and the White House burned 202 years ago today

Order The First American, a documentary film about George Washington by Gingrich Productions. Jane Hampton Cook is a cast member.

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