Stories of Faith & Courage from the Revolutionary War


a devotional for all Americans about America’s first fight against tyranny.

Now more than ever Americans need to re-connect with the original purpose of America and the people who responded to injustices with courage and faith.  

By Jane Hampton Cook, 

Battlefields & Blessing Series,  

Publisher: AMG Publisher.

CD Presidents Day

All they wanted was to live a quiet life and pursue happiness by running their businesses, managing their farms and raising their families. Instead George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and countless average Americans found themselves living loudly for liberty.

Through 365 devotional stories Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War takes you from the starting point to the finishing line in America’s quest for Independence. These stories reveal that the Revolution was more than just a war; it was also a change of hearts and minds of the people. Originating after series of injustices, such as warrantless searches, seizures of guns, and violations of free speech and free assembly, the Revolutionary War led to the creation of the United States of America based on the universal, time-tested belief that all people are created in the image of God, the author of individual rights and liberty.

History as Magic

“Jane Hampton Cook does not know she is a magician. Generally, I don’t like to read and history is a topic that is low on my list. I thought perhaps I could read this book since it was a gift and it had stories, essays and writings that were short, very short, which is a good recipe for me. But there were a lot of them so I began slowly. Amazingly I was caught up in the sights, sounds, conversation and convictions of the colonists in such a manner that I thought I was there.

But her tools were not secret concoctions and potions, instead she transformed the theater-of-my-mind through the writings, short writings mind you, of the colonists themselves. Not through Op-Eds but by presenting the actual words and thoughts written by those individuals who were experiencing the search of unencumbered life, simple liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Ms. Cook waved the magic wand of eye witness accounts that revealed the full spectrum of triumph, defeat and the boundless hope of those who demonstrated faith and courage in the revolutionary quest for “a separate and equal station” from England . As I followed the persevering trail of those pioneers of liberty I lost track of the shortness of the stories.

But I digress. You MUST read the book and take the journey – Abra Ka Dabra.”

from Corry, Washington DC

Reflecting on “What is a Revolution?”

“I attended the San Antonio Baylor Women’s League luncheon where you spoke last year, April 17. I have reflected on your message, “what is a revolution” so many times! ~especially amidst the recent political changes… I’m really enjoying your blogging.” from Amanda, San Antonio