The Submarine & The Spies

The Submarine & The Spies

~ Friendship & Vigilance in the American Revolution

Discover what happens when three Yale friends leave their world of classical education and football (and yes, they had a game that they called football in the 1770s) and join the American Revolution. David Bushnell, Nathan Hale, and Benjamin Tallmadge will never be the same as they embark on a heroes’ journey to fight tyranny underwater, on the battlefield, and in the shadows as a spy. 

A fictionalized history novel for ages 12 and up, The Submarine & the Spies is part of a new series, Valor & Virtue.

Author Jane Hampton Cook’s mission is to tell the story of the American Revolution through different types of books to help Americans better appreciate the nation’s founding as they celebrate America’s 250th in 2026.

The Submarine & The Spies Back Cover