Study Guides

Study Guides

Author Jane Hampton Cook has put together study guides for a few of her books to meet the needs of book clubs, students, teachers and home school parents. Most of Jane’s books are written at the reading level for ages 12 and up.

The Submarine and the Spies is a great study in the hero’s journey. American Phoenix features two authentic character transformations. The Burning of the White House is a study in multiple points of view of the same set of events and facts. War of Lies taps the Socratic method for telling the story. 

1. The Submarine and the Spies (pdf)

The Submarine & The Spies

2. War of Lies: When George Washington Was the Target and Propaganda Was the Crime Study Guide (pdf)

War of Lies Front Cover

3. American Phoenix Study Guide (pdf)

American Phoenix Screenplay

4. The Burning of the White House Study Guide (pdf)


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