War of Lies Cover

Available June 6, 2023

WAR OF LIES ~ When George Washington Was the Target and Propaganda Was the Crime

Revolutionary Fake News ~ Forgeries

“I do not really wish for independence. I hope there are few who do,” General Washington, June 18, 1776.

Did Washington write these words, which newspaper editors published in 1778? Was this propaganda and disinformation — 18th century fake news?

If Washington didn’t write these in other letters, who had the motive to credibly pull off multiple forgeries in his name? Was this the first time that malicious falsehoods in newspapers attacked Washington? Which free speech activist and cancel culture victim turned Washington into a media darling?

For the first time, newly digitized letters and newspapers help to answer these questions and solve this 245-year-old true crime history mystery. 

A great awakening to tyranny, the American Revolution was also a war of lies, a propaganda conflict of forgeries whose battlefields took place on the pages of newspapers and pamphlets, the social media of the 1700s.

Timed to prepare Americans for celebrating America’s 250th, War of Lies shows the importance of the Judeo-Christian virtue of truth and freedom of speech and the press.

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