The Faith of America's First Ladies

* Laura Bush’s heart of compassion shows the significance of extending hands to the poor and needy in times of crisis. 

* Abigail Adam’s commitment to serving as the primary caretaker for her family during the Revolution shows the worth of working with eager hands.

* Martha Washington’s willingness to knit shirts and socks for soldiers during the Revolution shows the value of leading by example.

* Harriet Lane’s fashion flair uncovers the true source of beauty in a world of extreme makeovers.

* Helen Taft’s investment inklings blossom into a bouquet of benefits.

* Anna Harrison’s words of wisdom and prayers for her children and grandchildren delivers a family legacy of faith and leadership. 

* Louisa Adams’s remarkable solo journey to Paris under siege by napoleon shows the value of steadfastness during a time of terror threats. 

* Dolley Madison’s wandering journey of faith reaches its final destination, showing the peace that comes through a commitment and reverence to God. 

* Barbara Bush’s wit and quips reveal the splendor of celebrating in life.

* Nell Arthur’s life shows that every woman is a first lady to God and her family.