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This is an open letter to all Republican governors.

Thank you for vowing to fight President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates in court.

But Americans also need you to stand up against the Biden administration’s vaccine narrative. President Biden claims that these vaccines are safe and effective when they are no longer safe for everyone or effective against new variants.  

Worsening Deadly Safety Record

When these vaccines first came out, it was understandable for you to consider them safe. 

Nine months later, that is no longer the case.  

These COVID-19 vaccines are now the least safe vaccines in U.S. history, according to the government’s VAERS data. These vaccines have led to 14,506 reported deaths and more than 675,591 adverse events, including 18,439 who are now permanently disabled. 

The European Union’s similar system reports 1.5 million vaccine injuries and 15,472 vaccine deaths.

The actual numbers could be far worse. A federal lawsuit from a government whistleblower claims that the government’s true vaccine death number is 45,000.

If President Trump was in office, the media would hold him accountable for this horrendous safety record and demand that he immediately withdraw these vaccines. The media lacks the integrity to hold the Biden Administration to the same standard. People are dying and being injured as a result. 

The stories behind the data are horrific.

“Lost a 39 & 28 year-old friend to their booster shot (edit 2nd shot). Also a friend’s 19 year-old daughter had massive blood clots in her lungs after her shot. Think I’ll stick with not being vaccinated. All the ones I know in the ICU or that have recently died with ‘covid’ are fully vaccinated,” Charlamaine Butler responded to an ABC affiliate’s Facebook query, along with 39,000 similar comments. 

CD Media’s in-depth interviews with vaccine-injured Americans not only tell the horror but show it. 

From members of the military to federal and private employees, many Americans are now faced with the awful decision of having to choose between their life and health or their jobs. This is biofascist tyranny. This is not freedom. This is slavery. This is medical apartheid. 

Governors, you also need to understand that these vaccines have lost their effectiveness. 

Waning vaccine efficacy

Vaccines aren’t designed to prevent transmission, as Dr. Christine Parks testified to the Massachusetts legislature. These vaccines were designed to reduce symptoms of the first variant, “which is essentially gone from our population.” 

Whatever effectiveness the vaccines originally had, they are largely ineffective against the Delta and future variants. Why should Americans get vaccinated with an ineffective product?

Data from Israel backs this up. COVID-19 infections are increasing despite Israel’s status as  the most vaccinated nation in the world, proving that this is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. 

Universal vaccination during a pandemic is also bad science and bad public policy because of antibody-dependent enhancement, according to mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone. Also worried about an unstoppable mutant variant, the Nobel Prize winner for HIV, Luc Montagnier, calls vaccinating everyone during a pandemic “unthinkable.” 

In addition to questioning effectiveness, Governors, you need to fight for your own frontline doctors and ask: Why have the CDC and FDA refused to acknowledge the existence of early therapeutic and preventative choices? 

Viable therapeutic and preventative options 

Frontline doctors across the United States and abroad have developed early treatment protocols involving multiple drugs, including existing antivirals. The Lancet’s 2020 journal article opposing Hydroxychloroquine was used to stop this effective medicine. Based on a fraudulent study, the Lancet recently retracted this article.  

“Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID, who is not a virologist, disregards the National Pandemic Plan, which included outreach programs with physicians using HCQ for outpatient treatment and prevention to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control,” Dr. Steven Hatifill wrote in an open letter to America. Hatfill is a virologist and former outside adviser to the White House in 2020.

Now multiple studies based on randomized controlled trials show the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin in prevention and early treatment of COVID-19.  

Governors, look to India, where states that adopted decades-old antiviral Ivermectin as a prophylactic and early treatment have low death rates.

If Biden’s medical bureaucracy acknowledges therapeutics and antiviral prevention options, then they would have to pull the vaccines, which would deny profits to the pharmaceutical companies, especially Pfizer. 

Moving forward, the correct public policy for America should be freedom of choice — natural immunity, therapeutic treatment, therapeutic preventives and redesigned safe vaccines. 

Governors, you need to ask why the Biden Administration and FDA pulled a bait-and-switch on authorizing Pfizer’s vaccine? 

Gaslighting Legal Authorization

None of the available COVID-19 vaccines in the marketplace are legally approved. To tell Americans that they can get the Pfizer vaccine because it has been approved is fraud. The FDA only approved the Pfizer brand Comirnaty, which has not been manufactured or distributed. The Pfizer brand currently in the marketplace is legally distinct and remains under emergency use authorization. 

The Biden Administration conducted a bait-and-switch operation to lure Americans into thinking they could get an approved vaccine. If someone receives a Pfizer vaccine today and is injured, they may not sue Pfizer because of its EUA distinction. The only entity receiving immunization is Pfizer. 

By ignoring safety data, waning efficacy, therapeutics and gaslighting FDA approval while mandating vaccinations, the federal government is operating in a spirit of tyranny. President Biden is imposing biofascism in all states.

Our Founders created a complicated power structure between federal and state governments to secure the individual liberties of all Americans. By designating power to state governments, they intended to prevent this very scenario.

Americans need you — their governors — to stand up to the federal government to fight against this fraudulent vaccine narrative as well as fight the vaccine mandates in court. Lives are at stake. 

Talk to the vaccine injured in your state. Hold a press conference. Join with other governors. Create your own commission of frontline doctors to sideline the CDC and FDA. Conduct a televised town hall. Shatter Biden’s false vaccine narrative. America can solve these problems. But Americans desperately need the courage of you and other leaders to stand up to presidential tyranny. 

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