What Others are Saying about Jane's Speeches and Books

"You left everyone wanting more. Your program was informed, insightful and well researched.
Your charismatic delivery engaged the audience as demonstrated in the question and answer segment.  We all have enjoyed your  book and appreciate the level of detail and perspective that you have brought to this compelling story." Ranger, National Park Service

"I really enjoyed her message"
"Fantastic speaker"
"Enjoyed hearing about history"
"Excellent Speaker"
"Very good, wish we could have heard more from her"
"Really enjoyed what she had to say"

"I attended the San Antonio Baylor Women's League luncheon where you spoke last year. I have reflected on your message, "what is a revolution" so many times! ~especially amidst the recent political changes... I'm really enjoying your blogging."

Next Generation Doris Kearns Goodwin
"Jane is a  young mother of three and is sometimes referred to as the next generation Doris Kearns Goodwin. Her grasp of history is breathtaking but what makes her unique is the way she can weave the faith of our founding into our current day to day journey." 
Pam, Washington D.C.

Actually, "stirring" was just one of the appropriate words I could have used about her address Saturday (Nebraska Right to Life). It was also informative, challenging and refreshing. She speaks like a writer: organized, concise and skilled as both a wordsmith and storyteller. And the subject of her talk -- those heroic virtues and noble purposes of the such Founding Fathers as George Washington, Samuel Adams and John Adams which need to be embraced by pro-life advocates in our era -- well, that provided plenty of inspiration too." Denny Hartford, Vital Signs Ministries

Couldn't Put it Down
“Jane, I just finished reading Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War and could not put it down! Your extensive research and molding the book truly is a significant accomplishment. The book enabled me to chronically experience the Revolutionary War and share the emotions of our Founders... If you never do another thing, you have made your life count,” from Bob, Bedford , VA.

Don't Want it to End
"Moving through your book and loving it.  Don’t want it to end... Anyway, hate to come to the last page (I’ve cheated, looking ahead at your reference pages so I have a true sense of how much is left).  There are 'meat extenders' to make hamburger go a little further.  Isn’t there something like a 'book extender?'" Russ, Rochester Hills , Michigan

History as Magic
“Jane Hampton Cook does not know she is a magician. Generally, I don't like to read and history is a topic that is low on my list. I thought perhaps I could read this book since it was a gift and it had stories, essays and writings that were short, very short, which is a good recipe for me. But there were a lot of them so I began slowly. Amazingly I was caught up in the sights, sounds, conversation and convictions of the colonists in such a manner that I thought I was there.

But her tools were not secret concoctions and potions, instead she transformed the theater-of-my-mind through the writings, short writings mind you, of the colonists themselves. Not through Op-Eds but by presenting the actual words and thoughts written by those individuals who were experiencing the search of unencumbered life, simple liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Ms. Cook waved the magic wand of eye witness accounts that revealed the full spectrum of triumph, defeat and the boundless hope of those who demonstrated faith and courage in the revolutionary quest for "a separate and equal station" from England . As I followed the persevering trail of those pioneers of liberty I lost track of the shortness of the stories.

But I digress. You MUST read the book and take the journey - Abra Ka Dabra.” from Corry , Washington DC


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