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Jane Hampton Cook speaks on her book, American Phoenix, on C-SPAN's BookTV.

At heart I'm a storyteller, sharing stories of historical and modern people to encourage, inspire, and motivate. I tailor my speeches and talks to your audience's needs and use stories that resonate with life today. I've spoken to numerous groups, including business, professional, educational, faith-oriented, non-profit, military and many more. 
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Fees and Availability
To schedule Jane for an event, contact info@janecook.com or  Ron Miller, Ron@SingleSourceSpeakers.com  615-263-4148

What Others are Saying
"I really enjoyed her message"
"Fantastic speaker"
"Enjoyed hearing about history"
"Excellent Speaker"
"Very good, wish we could have heard more from her"
"Really enjoyed what she had to say"

"You left everyone wanting more. Your program was informed, insightful and well researched. Your charismatic delivery engaged the audience as demonstrated in the question and answer segment.  We all have enjoyed your  book and appreciate the level of detail and perspective that you have brought to this compelling story." National Park Service Ranger

"Jane has been called 'the next generation Doris Kearns Goodwin' because 'her grasp of history is breathtaking.' She is a fresh voice and a fascinating storyteller. " Pam , Washington , D.C.

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