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The Inauguration is Why I Love America

Fox News and America's Newsroom

Fox & Friends 
As seen on Fox & Friends

Michelle Obama's Farewell on SKY News

The O'Reilly Factor the Day After the Election

CBN and the White House burned 202 years ago today

CNN on Bill Clinton as a potential presidential spouse SkyNewsTonight/status/ 817472543657316352?s=03

Jane is a contributor for

Janet Parshall, enthusiastic, extensive, in-depth 
Boston Herald

Order The First American, a documentary film about George Washington by Gingrich Productions. Jane Hampton Cook is a cast member.

Would Melania Trump be the first immigrant first lady if her husband wins the election?

O'Reilly Factor Clip on Fox & Friends First.

The rise of political outsiders in the GOP primary. From WWII to Watergate, Americans had confidence in former Senators Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon to lead them as president (or vice president first). After Watergate, governors Carter, Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush occupied the Oval Office. What's next?

Happy Vigilant Independence Day, July 4, 2015

Why don't children know more about history? The O'Reilly Factor

Lincoln Assassination, 150 years Fox & Friends

Jane puts AMC's Turn into "Context"

Presidents Day, Fox & Friends

State of the Union Preview, Fox & Friends

The O'Reilly Factor

White House Christmas

From Jane's Context

"American Sniper" interview with Navy Seal Marc Lee's Mother, Debbie
Don't miss these excerpts from Stories of Faith and Courage from the War in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Sergeant Who Saw Saddam Hussein's Dead Body but DIDN'T Take a Photo

More from Context
What I Saw Before the Fall of the Berlin Wall 
When did an Ebola-like Epidemic Evacuate the Nation's Capital City?

Bush & Clinton's Second Term Midterms
Reagan in 1986
Atypical 6-Year Midterms in the 1960s and 1970s
Eisenhower and Truman

Photo of Steve Doocy from Fox & Friends and Jane Hampton CookWill VP Biden Run for President? 

More from Jane's Context:
iPhone6: Why John Quincy Adams needed one
Why Adams Turned Down the U.S. Supreme Court

Fort McHenry Fireworks, credit U.S. NavyDiscover
O Say Can You See?
In Triumph Shall Wave, Fox News Radio Special,Rodney Atkins, host

Jane on The O'Reilly Factor

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