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Jane Hampton Cook Chronicles: Ben Franklin
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How Not to Update the White House Website from a Former White House Webmaster

What Makes a Hero? Italian cruise ship and Titanic.
How Jackie Kennedy Used Fashion to Tell America's Story

This Is NOT the Great Depression

Reagan's Secret Legacy: Rescuing Russian Dissidents.

Do Second Terms Embolden Presidents? Jane talks with Neil Cavuto on FOX, looks at Nixon, Reagan, FDR and LBJ (though he didn't have a second term)

Biden's Great Exaggeration 

Berlin Wall Fall

Steve Jobs, Edison

What Does the President Look Like?

Germany's Credit Rating and France's Fall 

Obama and Hollywood

Presidential Gaffes: Lincoln, Obama and Bush. Who hasn't made a gaffe?

Jane Compares Wide Open Republican Field to 1960, 1980 and 1992

Jane discusses Obama Agenda with Lou Dobbs


Obama Mixed Messages on Libya? Jane discusses with Neil Cavuto

Jane Discusses Presidential Motivation, Compares Obama, Clinton and Reagan (Mon, Aug. 23)

Is there a dent in govt. credibility over Toyota? Jane discusses with FOX's Cavuto (Mon, Aug. 2)

Declaration of Independence Sun. July 4, 2010

Jane Discuses Abigail Adams with Glenn Beck (Fri. July 2)

Entire Show: Glenn Beck 07-02-10
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Jan. 15, 2010, Cavuto: Likability Factor

Jan. 6, 2010, Cavuto: Dodd. Nothing to Lose Now?

October, 2009-Cavuto on FOX: Obama's Broad Brush on Business  August, 2009-Cavuto on FOX Business Channel: Health Care Protests Un-American?
July 4, 2009-FOX and Friends: Tech Savvy Founders  July 17, 2009-FOX News Channel: Neil Cavuto: Hey Big Spender:, FDR & Obama 
March. 17, 2009-FOX News Channel: Neil Cavuto: Setting the Record Straight on the Great Depression  Jan. 7, 2009--Fox News Channel Neil Cavuto: Presidential Gathering 
July 4, 2009 Examining the Faith of First Ladies, CBN Jan. 16, 2009--CBN Newswatch Bush Legacy
Dec. 3, 2008--Fox News Channel Neil Cavuto: Straight Talk from Washington  July 4, 2008--Fox News Channel America's News Room: Independence Day
Jan. 19, 2009--CBN Newswatch Inauguration Firsts Jan. 9, 2009--CBN Newswatch: First Ladies and Inauguration
November 2008--CBN Newswatch Thanksgiving      

Aug. 24, 2008--Fox News Channel Studio B: First Lady Convention Speeches