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Jane Hampton Cook has been a guest on national news outlets since 2008. She's also given book talks as well as insights on first ladies on C-SPAN and has been a cast member on H2's new show United Stuff of America in the 1980s and presidents episodes.

TV, Media, Publishing & Film Queries: or urgent, same-day TV news queries, Jonathan Clements 615-263-4150. Jane lives in the Washington DC area.  


Jane is a contributor for

Order The First American, a documentary film about George Washington by Gingrich Productions. Jane Hampton Cook is a cast member.

Would Melania Trump be the 
first immigrant first lady if her husband wins the election?

Which Clinton got in the race late?

How often has a political outsider won the presidency?

O'Reilly Factor Clip on Fox & Friends First.

The rise of political outsiders in the GOP primary. From WWII to Watergate, Americans had confidence in former Senators Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon to lead them as president (or vice president first). After Watergate, governors Carter, Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush occupied the Oval Office. What's next?

Happy Vigilant Independence Day, July 4, 2015

Why don't children know more about history? The O'Reilly Factor

Lincoln Assassination, 150 years Fox & Friends

Jane puts AMC's Turn into "Context"


Presidents Day, Fox & Friends

State of the Union Preview, Fox & Friends

The O'Reilly Factor



















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