Maggie Houston

Book JacketMaggie Houston: My Father's Honor
A book for older children
by Jane Hampton Cook 

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About Maggie Houston

The year was 1860 and Texas Governor Sam Houston was faced with difficult choice: follow his convictions and support the Union or follow popular sentiment and support the Confederacy. Discover the choice he made and the facinating story of his 12-year-old daughter, Maggie Houston.

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What Others Are Saying

"An involving adventure told with love and reverence, centering upon a figure whom President George W. Bush himself has named as a favorite hero."
--Michael, Midwest Book Review

Loved the Story
"I loved the story, the book about Maggie Houston."
--Susana, an elementary school student.

Houston Family Enthusiast
"I like the way you talked about the Houston family because I'm interested in them."


What a Great Storyteller!
I highly recommend Maggie Houston: My Father's Honor. It is a book you will want to read from beginning to end, and then wish there was more. This would be a great addition to any homeschool library. It's not often you get to read a story from the perspective of a 12-year old. I will keep watching for other books by Jane Cook - what a great storyteller.
--Product Review by: Dr. Heather Allen, TOS Senior Analytical Consultant, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Very readable, Jane Cook's style is conversational and even more appealing for elementary children since it's told from the perspective of a child. --Deborah Deggs Cariker, Eclectic Homeschool Online

Best Historical Fiction I've Ever Read!
"This book is full of history. The author has done her research. Jane made me want to know more about Sam Houston and the history that my city holds. Our children now have a picture of what it was like back in the 1800's. The kids wonder if Maggie Houston and her family walked where they had just walked. Were they walking in the same place the Houston's did many years ago. Each chapter ends with you wanting to know more. Maggie Houston, My Father's Honor is beautifully bound. Ready to be shared with everyone. We totally enjoyed this book! We are ready for more like this."
--Trish, a parent